Which Is the Best Room to Install a Skylight in Your Home?

A skylight is a great feature that can transform the way a home feels and functions. Besides improving visual appeal, skylights provide real value to a property. You can install this fixture in any room of your home. But how do you determine the best room to place a skylight window? Below are three characteristics to consider, plus tips on choosing the best skylight for the preferred space.

Rooms with insufficient natural lighting

Not all rooms in a house receive adequate natural lighting. This can be due to few or no windows or too much shade from trees. Poorly lit rooms are perfect candidates for skylight installation. Skylights open up a portion of the roof and allow more natural light into the space. Consequently, you don't have to rely on artificial lighting during the day, which can lower your energy bills. Natural light also improves mood and boosts performance. Therefore, if you have a poorly lit home office, installing a skylight in the room can increase your productivity.

If you want to enjoy natural light without exposing yourself to UV radiation, go for a double-glazed skylight window. The double glazing blocks the majority of UV rays and prevents heat loss and gain. Therefore, if your room is heated or conditioned, you don't have to worry about increased energy bills.

Inadequately ventilated rooms

Are there rooms in your house that always feel stuffy, hot and have unusual odours that don't go away? These are signs of a poorly ventilated space. Some rooms in a house may have few or no openings to promote natural ventilation. Therefore, moisture and warm air stuff up the room, making it uncomfortable and unsuitable for use. A vented skylight can be a great feature for adding ventilation to the room. 

Vented skylights open to let in fresh air and cool the indoor spaces. When investing in one, consider an automated or electric vented skylight. Unlike a manual one, this type of skylight can be operated using a remote control. Also, find one that comes with rain sensors. When it rains, the skylight closes automatically and protects your home from moisture damage. 

Small rooms

Small rooms often appear cluttered and appealing. Sometimes, they have inadequate lighting and ventilation as well. You can open up a small room and make it look bigger by installing a skylight. Natural light makes a space feel more open and airy. To improve the performance of the skylight, paint the room with white or light colours. Light colours reflect light and make spaces look bigger than they are.

Is there a room in your house that meets the above characteristics? Contact a window contractor for skylight installation services.