Reasons To Install Double-Glazed Windows

While large windows create a sense of spaciousness and let light and views in, they also allow heat to pass through. Because of this, your home may become extremely hot in the summer and cold in the winter. A solution to the problem is provided by double-glazed windows, which look like single panes but are more thermally efficient. Here are several advantages you can expect from these units.

Comfort Levels

The main advantage of double-glazed windows is that they function as a kind of insulation for windows. The two glass panes are separated by a sealed section of air or gas. It's difficult for heat to cross over this gap in either direction. This means that the solar heat in summer can't get past the window, and likewise, the indoor heat in winter won't simply melt away through the glass. Thus, double-glazed units help in all seasons to keep a home comfortable and reduce your reliance on heating and cooling. Your installer can advise on the optimal gap between the panes for thermal efficiency.


Single-pane windows can easily collect condensation on cold evenings, and this dampness can lead to mould on the window coverings. Double glazing helps to reduce this problem as the inside pane will stay closer to the room temperature than the colder outside temperature. Additionally, these windows have a spacer filled with desiccant that absorbs any moisture within the sealed gap, thus preventing condensation there.

Security And Sound Control

A double-glazed window also improves home security, as it provides double the work for any burglar to break the panes. You can use different types of safety glass, such as laminated or toughened glazing, in the unit. Laminated glass can also help block noise from crossing through the window. In any case, even standard glass in a double-glazed unit will help reduce noise more than a single pane. Ask your installer about the best gap between the panes for acoustic control, as different gaps can be more effective at blocking different kinds of sounds.

Window Frames

The window frame material also affects the thermal efficiency of double-glazed windows. Some materials allow the heat to move from one side to the other. If you opt for aluminium, you could consider a model with a thermal break to block heat transfer. While you can see aluminium on both sides of the window, a different material is inside the frame to block the heat. Thus, even with the sun beating on the window, the inside frame will remain cooler than the outside part. You could alternatively opt for a composite frame that is aluminium on the outside and timber on the inside. PVC and fibreglass are other frame materials you might consider.