Choosing roller blinds to match your walls

Many window coverings are available for the home, each of which offers assorted looks and benefits. One classic option is roller blinds that fit virtually anywhere. Further benefits of these coverings follow.

Suits Different Decors

Roller blinds harmonise with various styles. For example, you could combine roller blinds with curtains in traditional decors, even adding scalloped fringes to the blind bottom. The clean lines of roller blinds also flatter many other decors, such as Scandi, industrial, bohemian, and modern.

Thus, no matter what your room's aesthetic, you can opt for a style and colour to match. Roller blinds provide the bonus of suiting all places within a house, including kitchens and bathrooms — you can mount treated blinds that repel mildew for humid areas. With consistent window coverings throughout, homes appear polished and elegant.

Colour Options

As these blinds lay flat against the walls, you need to prioritise the wall hue when choosing the blind colour. Against white walls, you could either blend or contrast the blinds. You could go white on white for a clean, modern effect. Otherwise add a pop of colour with yellow, red, or blue blinds. Another option is to softly contrast the wall with pale grey, fawn, or pastels. Roller blinds offer diverse hues, allowing you to create alternative effects.

Light Control

Any window coverings should enable control so you can adjust the light and shade within a room. You may want to completely block out the outdoors during the day for a nap, or at nighttime. At other times, though, you might like to filter glary sunlight or open the coverings so that the light streams freely inside. Double roller blinds allow for all these possibilities. You can lower both the shade and block out blinds for darkness, or lower the shade blind only for soft illumination. Alternatively, open both fully to enjoy a beautiful garden or scenic view.

Operating Options

You can select different operating mechanisms for the blinds also. Spring operated models move with a small tug. If you have children and pets, these cordless designs add a safety element. Stainless steel chain operated blinds carry the weight of heavy and large blinds, and you can position the chains out of the reach of children. Motorised blinds roll up and down at the press of a remote or smartphone keypad. Without chains, the coverings look sleeker, and the motor can manage every size blind.