5 Incredible Benefits of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are great. They're diverse, capable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. This popular type of blinds is comprised of a headrail and vertical louvres. The headrails stretch to the length of your window, with the louvres hanging from it. They're drawn across the length of the window by cords, which allow them to be tiled. Vertical blinds are great for large doors and windows, giving the room a clean and elegant look. Their straight lines give an illusion of width and height to the room depending on the style of installation. Continue reading for 5 benefits of vertical blinds. 

They're Stylish and Flexible

Vertical blinds are an eye-catching, modern and elegant addition to any room. They also provide a tidy and neat finish. They're available to a wide range of materials and colours including vinyl, fabric and aluminium. When you choose to have them hanging elegantly like curtains, their wide variety of material makes them quite flexible. For example, vinyl is an excellent material for blocking out light. However, fabric blinds are more versatile. With vertical blinds, you can choose a design or colour that matches your home's aesthetic. 

They're Economical

Window drapes can be quite expensive to purchase and maintain. This is not the case with vertical blinds. They cost less than drapes, adding to all the fantastic reasons more homeowners are opting for them. With the right maintenance, they can last you for up to a decade, making them relatively cost-effective.

They Make Your Ceiling Appear Higher

A well-known fact in interior design is the amazing effect of vertical blinds in making the ceiling in a room seem higher. Choose vertical blinds to gently suggest that your walls are higher, especially when used on patio doors and floor-to-ceiling windows. This will also make your room seem more spacious and airy. 

They're Great for Large Windows and Doors

Vertical blinds on a window or large door add a touch of class to the room. Horizontally stacked indoor blinds may be difficult to operate while roller blinds may look like just one large solid block of colour that may not be appealing to all. When dealing with large windows, vertical blinds are a great option since they're made from vertically hanging louvres, which provide a gentler effect for window dressing. 

They're Great for Light Control

One of the primary benefits of installing indoor blinds is light control. Vertical blinds are very practical in this regard, providing you with an unprecedented level of light control. They allow you to capitalise on the little light during winter and block out any overbearing and glaring light of summer and create a balance in between.

Vertical blinds provide any room with quite the aesthetic. They're a functional, practical and versatile form of window dressing. Visit a shop near you to see what indoor blinds are available.