Determinants That Will Influence Your Choice of Skylights

While skylights are not new to the window industry, they admittedly have been primarily utilised in commercial spaces. Nevertheless, homeowners have begun to recognise the advantages that these windows offer interior spaces, so they are becoming commonplace in residences, too! So if you are thinking of increasing the natural illumination in your home, you may be ready to go out and buy these windows to have them installed on your roof.

But before you put down your money, several things will affect which type of skylghts you will purchase for your home. Being aware of these factors will ensure that you are happy with your selection for the long term. This article lists just a couple of the determinants that will influence your choice of skylights.

The material

One of the first decisions that you need to make before installing skylights is the type of material that you prefer. These windows, generally, are made either out of plastic or out of glass. Each has its advantages and drawbacks. Glass, undeniably, is a great option for your ceiling windows since it is much more durable than plastic. Unlike plastic roof apertures, the glass variety will not scratch easily, so they will look pristine for years down the line.

Additionally, glass is not as susceptible to clouding as its plastic alternative is. However, one of the disadvantages of glass is that this material is quite expensive. Moreover, glass ceiling windows only come in flat panes, whereas plastic skylights can be shaped into domes if you want some visual interest on your roof.

The energy efficiency

While these windows are popular due to the enhanced sunlight they provide your home, you should also keep in mind that skylights create a greenhouse effect. As much as they are enhancing the illumination, they are simultaneously increasing the warmth in your house! This characteristic can make summers unbearable, and you will have to resort to keeping your air conditioning on throughout the day. This, in turn, inflates your electricity costs.

Therefore, there are a few things to take into consideration when it comes to the energy efficiency of your new ceiling windows. Firstly, consider their orientation before they are installed to try to filter the sun during the morning hours but not in the afternoon when the heat is sweltering. Secondly, consider treatments, such as tints, that can reflect the radiant heat away from these windows.