How To Prevent Prying Eyes From Seeing Through Your Windows

Many people worry about how criminals use the simple act of looking through windows to check out whether a property is worth targeting or not. As many in the field of law enforcement know, windows are a typical access point for burglars because they are often the least secure part of a residential building. It doesn't help when you leave them open, of course, but many window frames can be forced open fairly easily by a determined intruder anyway.

So, how do you make your home less attractive to criminals? The answer is to make unwarranted access more difficult but also to prevent people from being able to see into your home in the first place. This is especially the case if you live in a bungalow with lots of ground floor glazing to see through. Read on to find out the most popular ways of restricting sight lines in Australia today.

Security Shutters

These days, more and more people opt for security shutters because they can be used even when you want your windows open. Not only do they create a physical barrier that prevents someone from entering your home via a window, but they also stop clear lines of sight and prevent your belongings from being viewed easily. What's more, security shutters allow air to flow in and out of your home when your windows are open. They represent a great way of adding security to your home whilst being very stylish and practical, too.

Frosted Security Film

Made from simple plastic, frosted security film is stuck on to the inner pane of glass of a window. They are often used to turn a conventional window into a private one, such as when your bathroom might become overlooked by a neighbour's extension, for example. Because you can't see in properly, they are great at offering privacy and security. In addition, they make it much harder to break the glass from the outside to gain access because they keep any shards of glazing stuck to one another. Criminals don't like to see security film and tend to avoid windows with it whenever possible.

Smart Glazing

These days, it is possible to obtain smart glass which can be used in all sorts of windows. Essentially, smart glazing allows you to alter a conventional, transparent window so that you can no longer see through it. The opacity of the glass is achieved by passing a small current through it which gives it a tinted look. Hooked up to a motion detector, you could automatically turn your windows into tinted ones whenever somebody comes near to try and look through.