Should You Install Fire Attenuation Screens in Your Home?

Do you live in an area that's susceptible to bushfires? Have there been multiple cases of domestic fires in your neighbourhood or town? If so, it is a good idea to equip your home with fire attenuation screens. These are screens that have been manufactured to meet the Building Code of Australia. They offer protection against fire outbreaks and also prevent fires from spreading from one home to another. If you haven't yet installed these protection screens in your home, read on to learn a few reasons why you need them and how much they can do for your home. 

Safeguard your family and valuables

One would imagine that if a fire broke out near them, running to safety would be easy. However, fires can occur when you least expect them. For example, bushfires tend to happen at night when everyone is sleeping. Also, an accidental electrical fire can occur in your neighbour's house during the day when you are not there. What if this happens when your kids just got home from school and have no one to help them evacuate the area? Fire attenuation screens help keep external fires out of your home. So even if a fire spread in your neighbourhood, your home would be safe. These screens are important fixtures that will keep your family and valuables safe in the midst of danger.

Save money on glass repairs

When accidents occur in the home and windows or glass doors get broken, they can force you to part with thousands of dollars for repairs. Unfortunately, if you have a sporty family or live in an area where storms are common, you have to deal with the occasional glass repairs. Fire attenuation screens are usually made with sturdy glass and framing that can resist impact. Since they are fitted on the outside, they offer additional protection to your windows and save you from dealing with regular repairs.

Protect your home from burglars

Do you want to invest in security screens that keep burglars out of your home? Why don't you hit two birds with one stone and get fire attenuation screens instead? In addition to protecting your home from fires, these screens also keep intruders out of the home. They come with sturdy metal frames framing that cannot be easily cut. Since they are installed on your doors and windows, burglars will not be able to gain access to your home. These screens can be an excellent addition to your home's security system.

As you can see, fire attenuation screens do more than protect your home from fires. Contact an expert for more information on how you can install these screens in your home.