Should You Use Self-Cleaning Glass Panels in Your Bi-Fold Doors?

Choosing bi-fold doors isn't just about deciding which design and style of door to use; you also have to decide what kind of glass to use in your doors. You have a fair few choices here, one of which—self-cleaning glass—may seem like a really good idea. After all, your doors could have a lot of glass in them and anything that reduces the time you must spend cleaning them will sound good. How does self-cleaning glass work in bi-fold doors?

How Self-Cleaning Glass Works

Glass that has self-cleaning properties is coated with a special film. This film doesn't clean the glass itself but helps your glass deal with dirt more effectively, so it stays cleaner for longer without your help.

To work, self-cleaning glass needs sun and rain. When the sun shines on this treated glass, it is converted into a catalyst that attacks dirt, dust and other stuff that grimes up your door. This makes it easier for dirt and dust to be washed away when it rains. Plus, the way that the glass is treated ensures that rain falls down the glass surface in sheets rather than drops. This washes away dirt more effectively and avoids leaving streaking or dirt tracks on the glass.

Self-Cleaning Glass and Bi-Fold Doors

Self-cleaning glass can work just as well in bi-fold doors as on any window or glass door. In fact, this may be a great labour-saving option for you given that you usually have a lot of glass to keep clean in these kinds of doors.

However, you should think hard about where your doors are located before you decide whether to use self-cleaning glass in them. You need light and water to get self-cleaning glass primed and ready to go and there may be situations where one of these elements is in short supply.

For example, if your bi-fold doors open up on to your patio and you have a roof or awning outside the doors, then the doors may not get rained on. If this happens you may need to give the glass's self-cleaning properties a helping hand, say by giving the outside of your doors a quick hose down every now and then.

If you aren't sure whether to put self-cleaning glass in your new bi-fold doors, then ask your window installer for advice. If you decide that self-cleaning glass isn't quite right for you, then your installer may be able to recommend other ways to cut down on your cleaning time, such as using other types of glass coatings.