Dressing your Sunroom Windows for the Energy Saving Function

What compliments the Aussie summers more than a room mostly made of glass? There is no better way of enjoying the sun without having to step outside. But how do you stop your energy bills from driving through the roof in a room where brightness and heat is hard to moderate? Here's how you can dress your sunroom windows for the energy efficiency function.

Sunroom shutters

Sunroom shutters are the easiest and the most effective way of saving energy with sunroom window treatments. You can easily open them to allow in maximum light or close them to moderate the amount of light in your sunroom. Also, they are available in different designs to complement your sunroom décor.

You can dress your sunroom with wooden shutters to give it a traditional appeal while at the same time keeping a considerable amount of light and heat from entering your room.

Sunroom blinds

Sunroom blinds help reduce solar heat gain while at the same time retaining the desired light and ventilation. Exterior blinds are more energy efficient since they block heat before it warms up your sunroom.  You can use wood for your sunroom blinds or aluminum which is a less expensive option.

Staines glass and stained glass appliques

Stained glass panels are the ideal sunroom window treatment since they allow moderate sunlight rays to spread an array of colours in your room.  

Stained glass appliques, on the other hand, contain UV inhibitors that help reduce heat during summer and retain warmth during winter sun. They are the ideal alternative to stained glass panels since they are easy to install and add beauty to your sunroom windows.

Window tint

Adding window tint to your sunroom saves your energy costs and adds a great amount of value to your home.  Window tinting reduces the intensity of sunlight and the glare that comes with it. Large windows absorb a lot of heat which they release in the sunroom making it much hotter and release heat outside in the cold days thus making your heating system work harder.

Installing a window tint will help reflect the heat during hot days and at the same time help keep the heat in during winter. This has a positive impact on your home's heating and cooling bottom line.

A sunroom window tint guarantees that you get the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy your sunroom as it was meant to be without worrying about the harmful effects of sunlight exposure or how it will affect your energy bills.