How to Add Style to Your Home With Layered Window Treatments

If there are curtains in a room of your home that seem a bit bland and boring, you don't necessarily need to change or replace them in order to make the space seem more stylish. Layering those window treatments can add depth and more visual interest to the windows, as well as a cosier or a grander feeling in the room itself. Note how to layer curtains and window treatments so you don't need to put up with bland and boring windows in your home any longer!

For a lightweight, breezy feeling

If your curtains are somewhat light but still don't offer a breezy, casual feeling that you want in a sunroom or bedroom, layer them with sheers. Sheers are just as the name implies; very lightweight, see-through panels that are used behind curtains. Because sheers are so lightweight, they billow as breezes come through the window, offering the movement that you want from your curtains.

For more volume

If your curtains don't offer that grand feeling you want in a dining room or formal living room, layer them. You can add new curtain panels next to the panels already hanging from the rod; choose a solid colour if your current curtains are patterned, or opt for a patterned design if your current curtains are solid.

You can also install what is called a double rod, which is a set of two curtains rods, one behind the other, to hang a set of panels behind the curtains you already have. This allows you to pull those back panels out just a little, to add more depth and texture to the window treatments, and create that grand, voluminous look you want.

 Mix up materials

Curtains are nice for bringing some softness and cosiness to a space, but fabric curtains alone might be a bit boring. Consider mixing up the materials of your window treatment by adding shutters to the windows, behind the curtains. Wood or even vinyl shutters can add a relaxing look to the space, while offsetting the look of too much fabric. Shutters can also be a good choice if you only have upholstered furniture in the room, as those furniture pieces can overwhelm the space with too much fabric.

Shutters also allow you more control of the light, air circulation, and privacy inside the home. You can adjust the slats for just enough coverage of the window, without having to close the curtains and cut off all light, or keep only one curtain panel open.