Update Your Home's Style With New Interior Doors

If your home needs an interior update or "facelift," you have many options for bringing in some fresh style and personality, without the cost, time, and hassle of a full renovation. One such option is updating the interior doors of the home. A new door can make a room seem very unique, and also give you a chance to open up the space, increasing light and airflow between spaces. Note a few tips for using new interior doors to update your home's interior, some of which might include just a small amount of construction.

Mirrored doors

If a room inside your home seems a bit dark, you might install a mirrored door along its entryway, or for a closet in the room. A door doesn't need to be made from a full mirror, as this might seem outdated and even a bit tacky; instead, use thick wood or metal frames or panels on the door front, with mirror inserts. The wood or metal will cut down on the look of the mirror itself, while the inserts will reflect the light in the room and keep the space as bright as possible.

Garage style doors

A garage style door is a large, sectioned door that rolls up along a track mounted to the ceiling, just like a garage door. Because this door takes up so much space overhead, it's good for larger rooms, such as a family room or sunroom. This style of door is also usually very wide, so it's a good choice for an entryway to a large workout room, to an indoor pool, or to a playroom for the kids.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are usually used for closets or to hide a washer and dryer, but these can also be used for various entryways inside the home. The shorter panels make them good for smaller spaces, such as in a cramped hallway; however, you can also use them for any door in the home. Choose a thick carved wood for the panels, or a lightweight frosted glass that allows for more light between rooms. You can add a frame around the glass of each panel, to break up the look and coordinate with wood furniture.

Because each panel will usually be smaller than a standard door, you can also use bi-fold doors in a space where you want lots of air circulation, such as for an in-home gym. Enlarge the entryway and add tracks for the doors, and you can then open the entire wall of bi-fold doors when desired.