How to Add Personality and Style to Your Home's Interior With Unique Doors

If you love your home but find that it just seems to lack personality, you may not need to plan a major renovation. New, unique doors can make the interior space stand out and set your home apart from others. These new interior doors don't need to be outlandish or expensive, but simply choosing something other than painted panel doors can make any space truly your own. Note a few tips on how to use unique doors to make your home's interior perfect for you and your family.


If the doorframe to an entryway is deep enough, add shelving to the door. This gives you a space for displaying knickknacks, books, and other such items. One word of caution; be sure you display items that won't fall over easily every time the door is opened. If you do want to display delicate items, look for art adhesive, which museums use on the bottom of displayed items to keep them in place, or you can even use denture adhesive!

Stationary panels

If you don't need full privacy between rooms, consider adding stationary panels. You can have a glass or wood panel custom-made to fit one part of the doorway, and the panel is then drilled into the floorboards. Wood panels can include customs scrollwork, or you might opt for a privacy screen inside a thick wood frame. This can obscure the view while still allowing for some wood to be exposed, giving the home a cosy and comfortable feeling.

Glass inserts

A home's interior door may have glass inserts at the top for more light through those spaces, but consider a twist on this design, and have a door made with glass inserts at various places. You can create a random geometric pattern with the glass and mix up the sizes and shapes, for a very unique and personal look.

Timber bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are a favourite for closets, but consider using them in other spaces as well. Thick timber can be a good choice for bedrooms, as the wood absorbs sound. Oversized timber panels can also add a more grand feeling to the entryway of your formal dining room or sitting room. They can also be used as room dividers if you have a desk at one end of the living room or if you want to create a separate seating area in the bedroom. It's easy to have a track installed along the home's ceiling, and thick timber doors can then make each space feel separate and private.