Choosing the Best Door Style for Your Home's Patio

When you have a deck or patio outside your home, you want to carefully consider the style of door you choose for that entryway. The door should allow for comfortable foot traffic in and out of the space, and it should also look stylish and attractive, blending with the decor inside the home and the patio accessories that are outside the home. Consider a few simple but very important tips for the best door style for your home's patio area.

For an open, unobstructed view

If you have a small yard and a simple, functional patio that isn't necessarily very attractive, you may not be worried about the view out to the patio when you're inside the home. However, if you have a nice yard and a nice patio area, you want to think about a door that offers an unobstructed view outside. This is also important if you want to allow sunlight and fresh air to circulate through the doors you choose for that patio area.

Folding doors that are attached with hinges between each panel may not be the best choice, as those folds may be visible when you partially open the door, obstructing the view. Instead, opt for sliding glass doors that open up the view and allow for more air and sunlight.

Consider the space

Folding doors will jut out from their track, so note if they would get in the way of interior or exterior furniture. French doors can be very elegant and attractive, but they also need clearance when opened. Sliding doors are good for more crowded spaces, or you might choose folding doors with very small panels so they require less room inside and outside the home. If you must have French doors, be sure you carefully measure their needed clearance to keep the area free of obstructions.

Consider privacy

If you need privacy inside the home, you need to consider your window treatments for your chosen doors. French doors can have curtains or shades attached to the interior of each panel; again, note the clearance needed for billowy or oversized curtains. Folding and sliding doors can be outfitted with roller shades that fit snugly against the panels so they don't get in the way of the doors being opened. Shades offer a cleaner, simpler look to the patio entryway than curtains, and it's often easier to control the amount of sunlight that gets into the home when you choose shades versus other window treatment options.