Avoid Some Simple Mistakes When Decorating With Mirrors

Using mirrors around the interior of your house can make the space seem bigger and brighter, while also reflecting a nice view out a window, or any other attractive feature in your home. Mirrors are also unique while still being very neutral, so they add lots of visual interest to a wall, but won't clash with other artwork or accessories. When you're ready to start shopping for decorative, be cautious about a few common and simple mistakes, so your home looks decorated and polished and as attractive as possible.

Mind the fingerprints and splatter

If your home's kitchen is very small and dark, you might assume that a nice mirror can open up the space. However, you need to be cautious about food splatter on a mirror that's too close to the stove or a benchtop.

In any room of the home, you also want to be cautious about a mirror showing a child's fingerprints, and prints from a pet's nose or dirty paws. Avoid very tall mirrors that reach the floor, and which would be within their reach, in a hallway, living room, or other such area.

The view

A mirror in the bedroom can be very neutral and a great way to reflect some light, but consider the view; while a mirror facing the bed might sound appealing when you're being intimate, do you really want to see yourself when you first wake up every morning? Tossing and turning can also be very distracting, as these movements might be reflected in the mirror, and this can interfere with the calm atmosphere you need to get to sleep. Consider, instead, a mirror over a headboard or on a wall that doesn't actually reflect the bed.

Too many mirrors

A nice collection of small mirrors, even those without frames, can brighten up a dark wall or corner of your home, creating a gallery effect. However, if you use too many mirrors or an overly large mirror in any one space, your home might look like a nightclub or a gym! Be cautious about how many individual mirrors you add to a room and their overall size; if you're not sure if they would be overwhelming, err on the side of caution and use something smaller, or remove a few that are placed in a room. Once you get accustomed to that look, you can then decide if something larger, or more mirrors in the space, might be an attractive option.